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🔍 Search 1.0 Overview
🔍 Search 1.0 Overview

Master search on with specific keywords, semantic understanding, and soon, enhanced event tagging for broader insights.

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Ready to become a pro at using the Search function on Whether you're looking for specific words, phrases, or general themes in conversations, this guide will help you navigate our search tools like a seasoned expert.

Introduction to Our Search Functionality

At, our search is designed to help you quickly find what you're looking for, whether that's a specific keyword, a phrase, or broader conversation topics. It’s all about helping you sift through data efficiently and effectively.

🌟 Best Practices for Effective Searching

1. Use Specific Keywords and Phrases

When you know exactly what you’re looking for, using precise keywords or phrases can quickly lead you to the right interactions. For example, if you’re trying to find instances of a customer mentioning a 'refund' directly inputting this word will pull up relevant conversations. Keep in mind, it is smart search, so searching the word "refund" will return conversations that said 'refunds', 'can I get my money back', 'will the money go back on the card or be cash', etc.

2. Explore Semantic Searching

Our search isn’t just about the exact words; it’s also about the meaning behind them. This is especially useful when you’re looking into general themes or topics. For instance:

  • If you're interested in 'customer dissatisfaction' you might also search phrases like 'not happy', 'poor service', or 'expected more'.

  • Looking for 'upsell attempts'? Try searching for phrases sales staff might use, such as 'would you like to add', 'save a dollar', or 'upgrade to a larger size'.

3. 🚀 COMING SOON; Utilize General Language for Broader Themes

As we enhance our system to tag complex events like 'upsell attempt' or 'hiring inquiry', you can start by searching with general language that might be used in these scenarios.

For now:

  • For "upsell attempts," besides specific offers, search for general sales language or encouragement to buy more.

  • For "hiring inquiries," look for phrases like "are you hiring," "job openings," or "how do I apply."

4. Combine Keywords for Narrowed Results

Combine multiple keywords or phrases to refine your search further. For example, if you’re tracking a promotion's impact, you might search “free coffee” along with “promotion feedback” to see if the promotion is being discussed positively.

📣 Upcoming Enhancements: Expanding Search Capabilities

Exciting Updates Coming Soon!

We’re constantly working to make your search experience even better. Here’s what you can look forward to:

  • Expanded Event Tagging: Soon, our system will automatically tag more complex, general events like 'successful upsell' or 'customer service excellence.' This will allow you to search for broader themes without needing to pinpoint the exact language used. The first group of complex events we are focused on supporting are;

    • Checkout Issues

    • Negative/Positive Sentiment

    • Unwanted Language

    • Facility Issues

    • Special Requests

    • No Receipt

    • Long wait

  • Enhanced Semantic Understanding: We’re enhancing the search algorithm to better understand the context and nuances of conversations, making it easier for you to find exactly what you need, even when the language varies.

Examples to Guide You

Scenario 1: Searching for Customer Feedback on a New Product

  • Try searching: "new product," "what do customers think," "product reviews."

  • Look for both direct mentions and indirect hints like "started using it recently" or "since the change."

Scenario 2: Monitoring Store Cleanliness Comments

  • Useful searches could include: "clean store," "dirty," "bathroom condition."

  • Remember, our search understands context, so looking for "clean" might also help you identify issues if negative modifiers are used nearby.

Please Share Your Feedback

At the end of the day we are building this product for YOU - so please drop us any feedback into the chat icon in the bottom right of your portal screen. The more the better so we can continue to improve your experience and help you get the best ROI from our product.

Need More Help?

Got stuck or have questions about specific searches? Our support team is just a click away. Reach out through our help center, and we’ll help you sort it out in no time!

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